Who is Evan Kolding?

I am a father of two amazing daughters and a husband to a beautiful and inspiring wife. I graduated in 2006 from North Park University in urban Chicago and have since been doing youth ministry in Northern California. I have a passion for connecting adolescents and adults together within the body of Christ. I live in the Bay Area and spend my time reading, writing, adventuring in the outdoors, and playing with my family, all while having a coffee drink in hand.

You’ll often find me writing about community, relationships, society, and how the Gospel of Christ influences all three. My motivating question is, “How do we fully experience and share Christ’s transformation while being pushed by the Gospel and pulled by the world?”   Join me in this conversation.


One thought on “Who is Evan Kolding?

  1. Hello Even,

    This is shin, I hope you remember me.
    We used hung out together when you living Japan.
    Wow!! I’m so excited I found this page.
    You seem so much older now.

    I’m so glad see you doing well.
    I’m in Sacramento now, I’m so close from you. I hope I can see you some time soon.

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