Only One Way to Get on the Bandwagon

On a particularly inspired morning I chose to jump on the bandwagon. Last night I set out to be in bed on time (which for me, these days, is basically going to bed early) and wake up before the sun rose to hit the cold concrete and go for a run. Here’s a few thoughts I had while I was running this morning.

  1. When your legs start to hurt, why stop running? When the pain starts, I have just started to push my limits and am on the brink of doing something surprisingly unexpected. This is resoundingly true for faith. To stop at the first sign of pain and sacrifice, well, what was the point of start the run in the first place?
  2. The only way to see the hope, anticipation, and beauty of the sunrise is to be awake and aware in the darkness, running in the direction of the sun.
  3. The only way to become a runner is to start running. The only way to jump on the bandwagon is to jump on the bandwagon. The only way to know what the Bible says about life in Jesus is to read what the Bible says about life in Jesus. Some things are just that surprisingly simple.
  4. It’s not about running, walking, or cycling. It’s about being dedicated to your craft, keeping the long term goals at the forefront, and showing up when you say you will. My faith is the same. It’s not about the titles I have, strive for, or put on myself. It’s about the process and being inspired and challenged by the others who are out there running with me.

So, today I’m on the bandwagon. Tomorrow, I need to strap on my seat belt, pick up an instrument, and settle in for a long glorious ride.


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