From Happiness to Sorrow to Joy Everlasting

Last October Christina and I found out that we were pregnant, expecting our second child.  Now, what feels like a few short months later, we grieve the loss of the baby that was such a great joy and expectation for us. Both Christina and I feel as if the rug of hope and expectation has been pulled out from beneath us only to find ourselves fallen into the deep strong arms of Jesus. Full of sorrow, bewilderment, and confusion, we rest in the arms of Christ looking forward to the day when we will be with our God who creates life and who has defeated death through Christ.

We look forward to that day when all things which are broken will be whole and all things wrong will be forever made right. We have caught such beautiful glimpses of this throughout our life and in particular throughout the course of these last two years. We look at friendships forged through the fires of tragedy, provision showered through times of need, and children brought when least expected but most needed. Our daughter’s name is Brylie Kay and it means “Rejoice Courageously”. She, in so many ways, has led us in our sorrow to remember all of our continuing reasons to have the courage to be joyful in our God.

We don’t know why this happened to our baby but we do know that God is not to blame or to be angry with. We know that he created this world with a design that did not include death and brought Jesus so that through Jesus’ death life may be lived fully again. Just because we follow Christ and offer him everything that we have does not mean that we live in an everlasting state of happiness for the rest of our lives. In fact Jesus promises us hardships in this world. When times like these come, and they will come again, we  know that our promised joy is everlasting promised because of Jesus for he will make all things new.

Christina, Brylie, and I love that we have such strength in our immediate family but also our ever-expanding family of friends all around the country. This grieving is new for us and will take us sometime to process before we know what we’ll need by way for support. Thank you for loving us and always advocating for us as we seek to honor God in every season of life.

This song is the prayer of our hearts now and always.


4 thoughts on “From Happiness to Sorrow to Joy Everlasting

  1. Evan,

    I am so sorry to read of the loss of your precious baby. My heart is breaking for you guys. Your words so beautifully describe the pain you are feeling, yet the hope that you have in Christ. I, too, and so thankful for this hope, believing that someday God will wipe away our tears, and make all things new.
    We love you guys, and will be praying for you as you go through this valley. May you have a deep sense of God’s love and faithfulness, even in this sad time.

    love, stephanie

  2. Evan, our family grieves with you as we also have happiness of new life in our family and new life growing. Thank you for sharing such an amazing posting of grief and love. Ange Golden

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