Different Instruments, Same Songs

I saw this video on Facebook this morning. I had  planned on writing a long, inspiring, and revolutionary blog post this morning until I got lost in the harmonies and creativity of this website. As I was playing different videos, listening to different songs, and watching different people in all sorts of locations contributing to the same song I realized something both basic and profound.

Whether we acknowledge it or not we’ve all been created in the image of God and all have been given different instruments to play in the song of freedom and redemption God has written for all men.

What are you good at? What inspires you, motivates you and holds captive the productivity of your day? Chances are your answer to these questions is the very instrument God has given you to use and contribute to his song. We can use what we already have within us to glorify God and bring freedom to the places around us. In doing so we are then those who are taking part in God’s Kingdom here on earth.

What is the song God’s called us to play in? How do we know what music to play or where to play it? In the video there was no discernible melody or a singular location for preforming simply people unified around the same key. In the same way we as Christ followers we are given the key we’re called to play in though the Bible. The beauty is that when we start contributing to God’s song the Holy Spirit that steps into the roll of Conductor, unifying all the different parts.

There’s great freedom in recognizing your place. Surrounding yourself with other people playing the same song allow us to better know our roll in the chorus God is singing to all nations. I’m not sure what all the different gifts and talents God has given you but I do know that He gave you them so that you would use them. What has God given you and where has he placed you in this season of life to contribute to his song that is “Good news to all men“?


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